Fundashon Wega di Number Bonaire

Fundashon Wega di number Bonaire is a government organization in Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean. The Fundashon Wega di number Bonaire offers fun and excitement for all who play, with new games, bigger prizes and more winners. FWNB wanted to expand the website and offer more to their customers through a Mobile App.


UI Design




Testing & UX

the challenge

The project consisted out of 3 deliverables

1. Website expansion to display winning numbers results. (Build with PHP, MYSQL)

2. Winning Number Results Manager Web Application that would be used internally to Create, Read, Update and Delete results and send out Notifications to App users. (Build with PHP, MYSQL)

3. Mobile App that would show their existing mobile website on the main screen, have support for notifications and allow users to look up results by date.

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